You may be curious about the name of our blog. What does “Livin’ By The Ranch Code” mean, you ask? What code? What are we talking about? Just like scouts or cowboys, we’ve got a set of rules we live by, that make life a little sweeter and relationships a lot stronger.

Simply put, “Livin By The Ranch Code” represents our way of life at Santa Rita Ranch:

  • Learn from the land – explore and understand nature and its treasures.
  • Enjoy family bonds. – partake in activities that strengthen family relationships.
  • Get to know your neighbors – social, learning and sports opportunities abound to bring us together.
  • Take pride in your work – a strong work ethic is the backbone of our community.
  • Discover natural beauty – take in the awesome vistas and landscapes at every turn
  • Live active and healthy – run, swim, bike, hike…this is how you’ll get around Santa Rita Ranch.
  • Blaze your own trail – follow your passion with limitless activities.
  • Be kind and respectful – treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • Use your manners – a little kindness and thoughtfulness goes a long way.
  • Get inspired – discover what makes you happy and healthy.
  • Have fun along the way!

That’s not too complicated, is it? In fact, we think you’ll agree that it sounds like a fine place to live, a great investment in the future of your family.

Our blog, Livin’ By the Code, will reflect that. It will highlight the ways we live the code every day. It will extend the code into our interactions with the Hill Country community, demonstrating our good will and desire to be fine neighbors.