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Here at Santa Rita Ranch, you get much more than a home—you get a life of fun, liveliness, stimulation and adventure – it’s what we like to call having fun along the way (Ranch Code No. 11). Join us in our one-of-a-kind master-planned community to discover what it really means to feast your eyes on natural beauty, push your boundaries, blaze your own trail and live each day like a walk in the park.

ranch code 1
Ranch Code No. 1

Learn from the land.

ranch code 2
Ranch Code No. 2

Enjoy family bonds.

ranch code 4
Ranch Code No. 3

Get to know yourneighbors.

ranch code 5
Ranch Code No. 4

Take pride in your work.

ranch code 6
Ranch Code No. 5

Discover natural beauty.

ranch code 7
Ranch Code No. 6

Live active and healthy.

ranch code 8
Ranch Code No. 7

Blaze your own trail.

firestation with residents
Ranch Code No. 8

Be kind & respectful.

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Ranch Code No. 9

Use your manners.

ranch code 11
Ranch Code No. 10

Get inspired.

Have fun along the way!
Ranch Code No. 11

Have fun along the way!


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