Just up the road and around the bend, is a 3,100 acre, historical ranch tied to a story as big as the great state of Texas. There are Italian nuns, gun slinging cowboys, Native American Indians and enough black gold to make a Permanent University fund. And. The Best Part? It’s also the choice of Austin master-planned communities you can call home.

The story behind our name at Santa Rita Ranch starts in the small, cobblestone town of Cascia, Italy, with a young girl named Rita. She was a miracle for her time.
Known as the Patron Sant of the Impossible, Santa Rita’s blessing found their way from Cascia to the flow of the New York Exchange, where stock salesmen convinced a group of Catholic nuns to invest in drilling for oil in Texas.
Two of the nuns handed Mr. Frank Pickrell an envelope with a red rose blessed by the priest in the name of St. Rita.
He took the rose back to Texas. Climbed to th top of the derrick, scattered the rose petals over the rig and said “I herby christen thee Santa Rita,” on May 28, 1923.
The rest is… history. Oil blow over the top of the derrick and sprayed and countryside.
The income from the Santa Rita No. 1 oil well began the foundation for the permanent University Fund, which provided financial support in the development of The University of Texas and Texas A&M.
Santa Rita Ranch is transforming into a community 6,000+ families can call home.