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A Thank You Note from Ed & Elizabeth Horne

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Dear Santa Rita Ranch Family & Beyond,

As we look around Santa Rita Ranch and think about what we’re thankful for this year, we’re moved by all of the amazing milestones and memorable moments we’ve seen unfold here. There are so many things to be grateful for in 2021, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to take a moment to invite you to take it all in with us.

We hope you’re reading this from the comfort of your favorite seat in the house. Or out on your patio with a warm beverage nearby. Or in any place that brings you true joy – like the joy we feel every morning that we wake up to the beautiful place that Santa Rita Ranch has become.

Here’s to our Santa Rita Ranch residents, from neighbors who turn into lifelong friends to the children who will learn from the land (Ranch Code No. 1) and carry our strong values into the future. Thank you for making our community whole.

And our Santa Rita Ranch Family of builders, Sales Managers, our Marketing team and Realtors. Santa Rita Ranch is a feeling, but you help us put it into words – and we have you to thank for helping our residents discover just the right place to call home.

We’re deeply grateful for our veterans, our military and our first responders. You’ve devoted your lives to our freedom and our safety, and your bravery and sacrifice knows no bounds. Thank you for the example of bravery that you set for us all.

To the incredible staff and educators of Georgetown ISD and Liberty Hill ISD. Thank you for giving our little ones big dreams. Your work has the power to shape futures, and we’re so appreciative for the impact you have on our children.

We’re thankful for our health, and the health of our loved ones. We’re blessed to see the vision for Santa Rita Ranch come to life, and to be able to do the things we enjoy with the people we love most.

And finally, we’re so, so grateful for family bonds that are stronger than ever – including the arrival of our first grandson. We’re proud grandparents now, and we fell in love from the moment we laid eyes on our sweet baby boy. They say that grandchildren are one of the greatest gifts your heart will ever know, and we couldn’t agree more.

Of course, this is just a snippet of what we’re thankful for this year. While we could continue detailing all of the things to be grateful for in 2021, we hope our list has encouraged you to get inspired (Ranch Code No. 10) to reflect on all the moments that have made your life a little sweeter. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for giving us so much to be grateful for here on The Ranch!

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