Top 5 Benefits of Moving to Texas from Florida

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Let’s face it: Moving to Texas from Florida has never been an easier decision to make! Both states have plenty of great things to recommend them, but those who have already chosen to relocate to the Lone Star State say it’s one of the best decisions they’ve ever made, thanks to Texas’s vibrant culture and many opportunities! From the wonders of the great outdoors to thousands of incredible jobs, and from thriving communities to unbeatable barbecue, Texas has so many unique things to offer!

Top Five Benefits of Moving to Texas from Florida:

So many employment opportunities!

You may have read that Texas has become a top destination for companies seeking a new home base for offices, factories, and labs. In fact, every sector, whether it’s automotive, technology, energy, or medicine, has been relocating to Texas lately. The list of big names just continues to grow. Apple, BAE Systems, Oracle, Tesla, and Samsung are just a few of the companies that have already moved to Texas or will be moving here soon. In 2020 alone, more than 100 companies announced expansions or relocations to the Austin, Texas area! Each of those companies brings with them good-paying jobs in a variety of fields. Of course, there’s a massive list of companies that already make Texas their home, including AT&T, Foxconn, Dell, American Airlines, Tenet Healthcare, NEC, Shell Petroleum, Exxon Mobil, Sysco, and more. If you’re looking for new career opportunities, Texas has good jobs in pretty much every industry!

Texas has great weather, too!

Sure, we know Florida is famous for its sunny weather, but Texas also boasts an abundance of warmth and sunshine throughout the year. In fact, here in Liberty Hill, we average 300 days of sunshine a year! Plus, Texas is so large (a little over 268,500 square miles) that the state actually stretches between cool and warm sections of the Northern Hemisphere, meaning that there’s always good weather somewhere in the Lone Star State, and you can find just about any climate you could ask for here.

An abundance of natural beauty

Did you know that Texas is home to nearly 90 state parks and two national parks? That’s in addition to the beautiful local landscapes that can be found by driving down just about any back road in our great state and another reason people are moving to Texas from Florida. If you’re into outdoor adventure, exploring, fishing, or just nature-seeking on the weekends, Texas is the place for you! Just as the weather varies considerably across the vast expanse of Texas, so too does the landscape. Texas has arid deserts, piney forests, canyons, shorelines, inland waterways, and so much more. You can always find a new place to explore and experience!

Austin culture and lifestyle

Don’t get us wrong; Texas has plenty of amazing cities. But Santa Rita Ranch is right by Austin, Texas, and we love to lavish the Greater Austin area with all the praise we can muster. From amazing food and architecture to local festivals, unique wineries, culture, and nightlife, Austin has something for everyone. It’s become known as the Live Music Capital of the World, after all, and for good reason, but Austin also has art galleries, sports, film festivals, outdoor adventures, and a creative scene that must be experienced to be believed. It truly is an amazing city with a unique culture and lifestyle all its own, and we’re happy to live so close to all of it. In addition, you’ll find even more fun things to do in Georgetown, Texas just 30 miles north of Austin!

What does it cost to move to Texas from Florida?

That’s a great question! The answer really does depend on a number of factors, including how much stuff you’re bringing with you, how far you have to travel, and the time of year. Industry experts will certainly tell you that summer is the busiest moving season, and if you intend to employ a professional moving service, it may be more expensive during the busy summer months. Meanwhile, spring and fall are great times to move because the costs may be a little lower, and the weather is usually better.

None of that really answers the question, though. Fortunately, there is an answer. Even though different factors will affect the price, research has shown that the average cost to move to Texas from Florida is around $3,100. Of course, that number fluctuates considerably based on everything from the size of the move to the route that you take, but it gives you a place to start creating your budget.

Looking for where to move in Texas once you get here? We’re obviously partial to our master-planned community at Santa Rita Ranch, and we’d love to show you around the neighborhood—or welcome you to it! Here at the Ranch, we have a small-town atmosphere surrounded by big-city conveniences and opportunities, not to mention all the amenities you could ask for. Then there’s our Lifestyle Director, who we like to think of as the Director of Fun. Her job is to plan all kinds of amazing events and activities for all our residents to enjoy.

If you’d like a tour of your potential new home in Texas or just want to stay up to date on everything that’s happening at Santa Rita Ranch and across our community, fill out the short contact form to subscribe to our Ranch newsletter. If you decide to see what the Ranch lifestyle is all about for yourself, we’d be happy to show you around!

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