The Grove Church Grand Opening in Liberty Hill

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Churches in Liberty Hill, TX provide so much to the community. It would be hard to imagine a close-knit community such as ours without a place where people could gather to worship and find fellowship. It’s always a blessing to the neighborhood when a new church is built, and those of us who make our homes at Santa Rita Ranch have been excited since the day we learned that The Grove Church grand opening was happening so soon! 

It seems like only yesterday that we announced that The Grove Church would be building a new church in Liberty Hill, Texas. It has been an amazing experience to watch the project grow and become a part of the landscape here on the Ranch and a part of the community as well. We were excited to see so many of our neighbors and residents turn out for The Grove Church grand opening on April 16!

If you came out, it was great to see you! If you had to miss it, we’ll recap the incredible day: It featured speeches from Pastor Scott Heider, tours of the beautiful new church building, a bounce house for the kids, and even some delectable food truck fare. Of course, the big draw was getting to see the church itself, which will grow to become a cornerstone of our community. It will be a place where anyone who wishes to visit can find fellowship, hope, peace, purpose, and family.

We’re so happy to be welcoming The Grove Church to our Ranch community. We believe that it will help make our already friendly neighborhood stronger and more welcoming in every way. As an on-site church, it will be a place of fellowship with God, but it will also be something more—a place where members of the community can strengthen their fellowship with one another.

After all, The Grove Church began with community, starting off as a small group of Liberty Hill residents who met for Bible study. As the group grew, it needed a bigger space than the home of Scott and Jayme Heider. The members moved first to the Sendero Event Center and then eventually to their first permanent location.

While the church has grown a lot since those humble beginnings, it’s still being led by Pastor Scott Heider, and it is still based around the ideals of community and fellowship under which it began. Located next to the Divine Savior Academy here in Santa Rita Ranch, The Grove Church is a whole lot bigger than the Heiders’ living room. In fact, the development spans some 14,500 square feet and offers a range of services, including childcare, student programs, and more.

With ministries focused on neighborhood communities, kids, students, women, and men, The Grove Church offers an array of special events and outreach programs designed to strengthen the community, including gift exchanges, sunrise hikes, and more. While The Grove Church has only just arrived in Santa Rita Ranch, church members are already looking toward the future and hoping to build more churches in area communities in the coming years!

Like everything on the Ranch, The Grove Church is building toward the future with a strong foundation in the past. That foundation was laid by Mrs. Roselle Braun, the original owner of the land upon which The Grove Church was built. In 1969, Mrs. Braun began to pray that churches would someday be erected on her land. Her hope was that the land would become a place of fellowship and worship, and that was her stipulation when she sold the property to Santa Rita Ranch. Developer Ed Horne made a commitment that he would help start churches on the land.

In 2020, the fulfillment of that promise began when ground was broken on The Grove Church, an on-site place of worship and fellowship. Mrs. Braun dreamed that the churches built on her land would bring people together and help to make them a stronger, more welcoming community. Now, with the grand opening of The Grove Church, we’re one step closer to seeing her dream become a reality. So far, the congregation has grown from fewer than 40 people in a rented space in 2014 to 1,300 in attendance at Easter Sunday services this year.

Even if you missed the grand opening, it’s not too late to come and experience The Grove Church for yourself! It’s open to all those in the community—whether you live at Santa Rita Ranch or not—and it’s filled with ways to help build the community and allow members to learn, grow, and prosper in fellowship with God and one another. The Grove Church will be home to numerous outreach programs, special events, and regular services, so stay in touch!

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