You can see that we’ve had some of the two experts here that are kind of the leading edge in this particular market. What I want to do now is sort of run through how Santa Rita ran. How are we reacting to all this? Right. What’s our what is our position and where are we going? So, you know, Santa Rita ranch really launched it in 2013. So, you know, it’s basically been a ten year time period here in 2023 that we’ve been under development. People have asked me, how much longer do you think it will be? Well, it’s at least another ten years. So, you know, we’re looking at a 20 year horizon in terms of of what we end up doing. You know, Santa Rita ranch is located very strategically along the Ronald Reagan corridor, which is really the tech corridor of Austin and has been the economic development driver for for that area. And we did a bunch of things to be able to create that, including to build a sewer plant, building water. I mean, there’s just been a tens of millions of dollars that we had in order to create what’s out there today. What you see here on this map is kind of a graphic picture of what we’ve done with Santa Rita ranch to divide it up into segments. Now, why are we doing this? Why are we dividing Santa Rita ranch up into these various regions? Well, we have spent I come at this Elden Ellen said it a while ago.

I come at this from a homebuilders perspective, not a developer’s perspective. What I came when Elizabeth and I put this together, we said we wanted to develop a community that had different product segmentation. In other words, we wanted to be able to address the various seasons. Of people’s lives. And to address that in that way allowed us to be able to provide product that started in the threes and went to over 2 million. There is not any other community in this region that does that. Now, why did why did we do how do we have this broad segment? It’s because first of all, we have four and a half miles of Ronald Reagan frontage. So, you know, when you have that big an area, you’re able to do a lot of things. But more importantly, we’ve been very selective about the builders that we want in the community and get people all the time going. You got lots, you know, you know, you know, fit. So what we’re what we do is we look for specific builders to develop specific product for the various seasons that we have in in life. And so part of this is that we’re we launch these various regions over a period of time. So, you know, Santa Rita South, where some of you how many have you sold a house in Santa Rita South.

There you go. God love you. Santa Rita south is basically built out. You know, it’s just it’s got a couple of more lots that are left around the models. But it’s out and Homestead, which is a brand new section that we just delivered models into, is on the south side of the middle San Gabriel River. And that area will call Homestead and are doing it the middle one and the blue is Tierra Rosa and Tia Rosa has an existing model park there. But we’re about to build a brand new model park that’s going to rock your socks when you see it. We’re going to be a group of builders coming in that are going to be building in that new new model park we have, which which will be right across the street from the ranch house. Does everybody know where ranch house is? Do everybody know? Okay, good, Good. The next one is, is Regency. We’re going to talk about a little bit later. That’s our Toll Brothers connection. And Toll Brothers is building a 55 plus community. That’s radically let me say it again, radically different than Sun City from the standpoint that it’s got a different market segment. It’s going after, you know, both of them are great, great communities for 55 plus, but it’s a different kind of thing. And so we’ll talk about that here in just a few minutes. And then Saddleback, which is the green area, just got the models just got completed by Pulte.

And Pulte is going to be developing out that entire section of Saddleback for their I’ve had a 25 year relationship with with Pulte. And they’re just a magnificent people that we’ve been dealing with. And then El Dorado will be a brand new development. The Perry family that owns Perry Homes bought that place and we annexed that into Santa Rita ranch. So when we’re all finished here, we’ll have Homestead, Tierra, Rosa Regency, Saddleback, El Dorado, Santa Rita South. And then just recently, we acquired the commercial land that goes all the way from 29, all the way up to where my office is next to Homestead, which is a 450 acre commercial development. Now, let me give you a perspective on that. The domain is 230 acres. So this is almost twice the size of the domain in terms of size, and that’ll be our commercial development. So most of you know and have been have been around Santa Rita ranch for a long time know that the ranch code is the key to everything. It’s the core values that drive all our decision making. You know, in 2013, we said we wanted to build a development and we said, what are we going how are we going to differentiate it? We said, first thing we’re going to do is we’re gonna have a core set of values that everybody knows who we are.

And we’re going to measure ourselves against those core values. And the builders that come in will be measured based upon adherence to those core values. And the people will be able to live there and know that they know that they live in a community that stands for those core values. And so when you come into Santa Rita ranch, the first thing we do is not tell you about all the great builders we tell you about living in a community that’s centered on a core set of values. And the two most important core set of values is really enjoy family bonds and get to know your neighbors in the United States today. You can live in a house for ten years and not know your neighbors on both sides. So in 2013, we said, what if we could create a community where we forced people? To get out of their house, Right. You got to get to know your neighbor because we’re going to drive you crazy until we do. And so we hired a director, a company specialized in that. And we have what’s known as a director of fun. Now, let me just be honest with you. Covid set us back in that thing. For about two years, we weren’t able to bring people together. We were trying hard. We were trying to do virtual things. None of that kind of thing worked. Today we are back up and operating.

Today we have 100 events a month. In Santa Rita ranch of various types, small Mother’s Day gathering, Mother’s Day out, which they’re gathering in the mornings. Or it might be a senior group that’s going to go off and have dinner together somewhere. Or it might be Casino Night. You know, where that thing gets sold out in about two hours. And so casino nights there. But one of the big events we have, which you can’t see too good up here, is we had an 80,000 egg drop out of a helicopter for Easter. How many of you all saw that on TV? Did you see it? Yeah. 4000 residents in Santa Rita ranch showed up. So we have four major events every year. And those four major events will have 4000. Today we had 3500 for Santa. Right. You know, the Santa that we had. And so we’ll eventually have 10 to 15, maybe 20,000 people for our major events. So we’ve had to learn how to put on big events, right? And you guys help us be able to do that. The realtors all these years because we put on pretty big realtor events. So this has always been a helpful process. Last year we ended up with 450 net sales. We were number one in Austin, number ten in Texas, and number 32 in the nation. Now, I have to be honest with you, I always thought we’d be number one in Austin, but I never envisioned we’d be in the top 50in the United States.

That is a big deal. And I’m going to show you some things today that will lead you to believe that in 2023, we may well be in the top 15 master plan communities in the entire nation, which is a huge deal. You can see on the start side of it, this is the first quarter. This is something Zonda just came out with. We ended up being number one community in terms of starts. What’s interesting is, is the price point. Our price point was 646,000. That’s the highest price point of all the top master planned communities. Why? Not because we necessarily have expensive homes. It’s because we have what product segmentation. We’re selling houses in all different types of price points. And so one of the things that that I said earlier is that what are we projecting for 2023? This is a graph that kind of shows you what our sales have been in five years ago in 2018. 2018, we were doing 250 sales a year. Our thought was if we could sell a house a day, 365 homes. Oh, my gosh. That’s a home run, right? This year, it’s our projection. We’ve sold 329 homes already in 18 weeks. That’s two and a half sales a day in Santa Rita ranch. And based on that projection, based on prior experience, we think we’ll hit 670 sales for the year or be something less than 700 670.

Last year in the United States would put you at the 13th largest master plan community in the nation. So magnificent amount of amount of growth. But part of the reason for that is what Eldon mentioned earlier, and that is our builders have been able to buy the interest rates down to 4.99%, and that has given us a great advantage over the resale market. You know, we used to think in the building community that our competitor. Was our builder down the street. What we learned. It was the resale house because they were able to sell their house cheaper. Then what we could sell for. And so there was always more resales. Well, when you live in a house and you’ve got a two and a half, 3% interest rate, what happens to you? You don’t want to sell. And so what’s happened? What we’re seeing is we’re able to be that MLS market by being able to put the inventory out there. And so what we’ve been doing is focusing on keeping 200 plus specs in Santa Rita ranch at all times. And that’s our objective, is to be able to keep the builder community focused on that kind of thing. So in 20 in the first 18 weeks, I told you we sold 329 homes. 95% were realtor participation. So let’s gi


We’re here to help you through your home search on The Ranch. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll be in touch to get you the community and new homes for sale in liberty hill offering information that fits your family’s needs.

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