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How Fast Is 1 Gig of Internet?

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How fast is 1 Gig of Internet?

It’s one of the fastest internet speeds you can get and you get it when you make the move to Santa Rita Ranch.

What is 1 Gig Internet?

It can be tricky to decipher all the numbers and terms used when describing internet speeds. Simply put, 1 gig internet — also known as 1 gigabit internet — is shorthand for broadband service with up to a gigabit-per-second download speeds.

Still confused? Computers can process multiple bits of information at a time. A common rate at which computers can transfer or process information is called megabits per second or mbps. The average rate is usually around 100 mbps, which means 100 million bits of data are being transferred from one machine to another in a single second.

So far so good? If your internet speed is 1 gigabits per second, then you have 1 billion bits of data transferred per second. That’s not just fast, that’s really fast!

Do I Need It?

A common question for many people is whether or not they need 1 gig internet speed. That depends on how many movies you stream on Netflix, how many songs you listen to on Spotify or iTunes or how many online games your kids like to play. It also depends on how frustrated you get when your favorite Hulu show gets interrupted because it needs to buffer or your internet simply crashes. If you are like us, it’s very frustrating.

Faster internet speeds mean faster streaming movies, download or upload times, and so much more. How fast? Check out the “How Fast is 1 Gig?” chart. On it, you can see that it can take 40 minutes to download a 3gb HD movie at 100 mbps. With 1 gig it only takes 24 seconds. Want to play a 500 mb game? It takes 40 seconds to download – pretty fast, right? With 1 gig it takes only 4 seconds.

Santa Rita Ranch Advantage

Most homes aren’t wired for 1 gig of internet speed, which can be frustrating when you move in. Not at Santa Rita Ranch. We want life to be convenient for you which is why all of our homes can receive 1 gig internet.

That’s streaming at warp speed, giving you more time to enjoy what matters — your family and all of the amenities life at Santa Rita Ranch offers. Amenities like two-resort style pools with18-foot dual waterslides, the Green Play Park, a catch-and-release fishing pond and so much more.

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