Ranch Code #2: Enjoy Family Bonds in our August Newsletter

The end of the summer is upon us but that doesn’t stop us from having Fun, check out all the exciting events we have coming up in our August Newsletter!


Ranch Code #2: Enjoy Family Bonds at Our Summer Movie Series

Check out all the fun events going on at Santa Rita Ranch this July!


Ranch Code #6: Live Active and Healthy during our Texas Celebration Fun Walk Event!

This month we are celebrating Texas! We had our residents in a Fun Walk and Texas Celebration event with armadillo races, beer tasting, and brought out Trainer Victor to teach the residents how to use the new outdoor workout equipment. Check out all the fun and exciting events we have going on throughout the month of March.

Ranch Code #11: Have Fun Along the Way-Mardi Gras Mask Making

Our Mardi Gras Block Party & New Resident Mixer is coming up this weekend, do you have your mask made and ready for our competition?! There are several different ideas to make a mask, buy one premade or make one from scratch either way they will all look amazing. I found mine through looking at pinterest and had a lot of fun creating the mask.


Get your materials needed:

Feather Trim


Hot Glue Gun with glue sticks

Elmer’s Glue (the one with brush in it)



Other embellishments to add some sparkle


You are ready to go!

  1. Start by measuring your felt from right above the holes for your eyes to the top of the mask then from the edge of each side.
  2. Cut your felt in that shape.
  3. Put one layer of feather trim across the felt, once you figure out placement hot glue it down
  4. Put a second layer of feathers above the first layer about half an inch. See the picture below to see an example of what it should look like.







5. Flip the felt over, make sure you look to make sure the placemen of the feathers is what you are wanting it to look like and hot glue once you have looked. (this will be the front that everyone sees)









6. Once this part is over comes the fun part! You will put on the glitter at this time. This part is a bit tricky, make sure to go outside, I would recommend to put a paper towel down before starting. With your Elmer’s glue start putting the glue on, I put on by section, and shake the glitter on it.







7. Once this is completed you will need to let it dry for two hours. You can take the extra glitter that fell on the paper towel back into the container.








8. Once the glue with glitter has dried for a couple of hours you can put on the embellishments. I put the trim on first at the edge of the mask with hot glue then put the jewelry on the side with hot glue or however you would like to place them.








9. Finally, hot glue your feathers on to the mask with the one layer of feathers hot glued to the mask.


For more details about this Pinterest project check out the information here.



Ranch Code #2: Enjoy Family Bonds at our Cooking Demo

Valentine’s Cooking Demo

Couples in the neighborhood are trying something different this year to celebrate Valentine’s Day, they are coming to our Cooking Demo! Some soup, beef filet, cannoli’s, and more, what could they ask for.

We have a special Love Potion drink for our residents to try out this evening. See the recipe below.

1/2 shot coconut rum

1/2 shot peach schnapps

1/2 shot citron vodka

3 shots cranberry juice

Put some ice in your shaker first then put all the ingredients in. Shake well. Once done pour into your glass.

*You could put sugar around the rim of your glass before serving.

 Recipe found from this Pinterest post.

Ranch Code #4: Take Pride in Your Work-Mardi Gras Style

This month in our February newsletter we have information from the HOA, Director of Fun, discounts for Sylvan Learning, Letters to Veterans, and some fun Mardi Gras Mask Competition with our First Quarter Block Party & New Resident Mixer, check it out!

Ranch Code #10: Get Inspired with our Winter Extravaganza Event!

This weekend we are bringing SNOW to the Ranch! There is not much snow chances down here so it is great to be able to bring the snow for the kids to have but did you know you are able to make your own snow from home? It isn’t much but the kiddos could have a great time getting to make a miniature snow man.

The supplies you will need are:

1/2 cup Clear Shampoo (so the snow stays white, or you could try the Suave light blue)

3 cups Baking Soda

Pour the ingredients together and there you have it! If you prefer to have your snow not as clumpy just put in a little bit more shampoo to make a snowman look smooth and there you have it, homemade snow.

Ranch Code #6-Live Active and Healthy Lives with Camp Gladiator

Part of our Ranch Code is Living Active and Healthy Lives and we are loving that Camp Gladiator is part of that lifestyle with us. The Santa Rita Ranch location is trained by Whitney Holderness and meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:00 am at the Ranch House. We started the first session of the new year this past Monday, January 2nd and Camp Gladiator is actually offering a FREE month of camp in January!

If you’d like to register for a free month of camp follow the link below and a representative will be in touch shortly to provide you with a promo code.


If you have any questions, please let Whitney know.

Trainer Whitney Holderness 737-932-2642

Ranch Code #2: Enjoy Family Bonds with some Winter Fun.

Start off the new year with some Winter Fun, check out our January newsletter for more information!

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Ranch Code #11: Have Fun Along the Way this Holiday Season

We have several events going on throughout the Ranch this Holiday Season!

santaritanews_dec16pg1 santaritanews_dec16pg2 santaritanews_dec16pg3 santaritanews_dec16pg4

Ranch Code #4:Take Pride in your Work-Check out local events this weekend

As the city of Liberty Hill gets bigger we start to see the community Take Pride in their Work and the way they want to show that is through the Annual Liberty Hill Community Clean Up Day.


Liberty Hill Community Clean Up Day

Saturday, October 22nd

8:00 am to 2:30 pm

Drop off Location: 3414 RR 1869



Curbside pick up from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm on Friday, October 21st if you can not come by on Saturday buy you must schedule your pick up by calling 512-778-5449 and provide name and address. Please see the article for more details.







There is plenty to do this weekend with the little ones as well from searching for dinosaur bones to seeing a play, check out what’s going on in Cedar Park & Georgetown.

champion-parkDinosaur Day at Champion Park in Cedar Park

Saturday, October 22nd

10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Champion Park features a covered children’s sand play area with stone casts of dinosaur bones. There will be a demonstration from the Culin Karate Black Belt Academy, performances from local dance studios, live music from Mimi Gray. Kids can enjoy an inflatable playhouse, games, other activities. Hot dogs, chips, and drinks will be served while supplies last. And of course kids will be able to dig for dinosaur bones!

three-pigsThe Georgetown Palace Presents:

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Saturday, October 22nd

10:00 am

Tickets: $10

Later in the evening at the Palace, adults don’t miss out

Come Fly with Me Frank Sinatra Tribute with Tony Harrison

Friday/Saturday at 7:30 pm

Sunday at 6:30 pm

Tickets: $28

Ranch Code #2: Enjoy Family Bonds. This Weekend Fall Events


Fall is a great time of year to Enjoy Family Bonds and get out on the weekends with the kids to enjoy the fun Fall activities around the area. Check out all the events going on this weekend.


Foundation Park 40th Celebration!

Saturday, October 15th from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

355 Loop 332 Liberty Hill, TX 78642

This 40th Celebration is to bring awareness of the dedication and community pride in Liberty Hill. There will be music, silent art auction, hands on art such as tie die, soap carving, painted rocks, splatter wall.


Of course October is also the month filled with local pumpkin patches, check out any of these through out the month of October.


Georgetown Church of the Nazarene Fall Festival

Saturday, October 15th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm

4051 E. University Ave. Georgetown, TX

The fall festival will include a ‘Trunk or Treat’, Hay Rides, Games, Bounce House, Photo Booth, Cake Walk, a Chili Cook off, and a S’mores Fire Pit.



St. Richard’s Episcopal Church

Sunday-Friday: 12-8 pm & Saturdays: 9 am to 8 pm

1420 E Palm Valley Blvd. Round Rock, TX


San Gabriel Presbyterian Church

Monday-Saturday: 9:30 am to 7:00 pm & Sundays 12:30-7:00 pm

5404 Williams Dr. Georgetown, TX


First United Methodist Church

October 6th-31st

410 E. University Ave. Georgetown, TX

Ranch Code #11: Have Fun Along the Way! October Newsletter

Santa Rita Ranch hopes that you have a Spooktacular Halloween with our Upcoming October Events, check out our October 2016 Newsletter for more details!






Ranch Code #8 Be Kind and Respectful: September Newsletter

Santa Rita Ranch September Newsletter

September kicks off the Football Season, come join us for our Tailgate Party along with several other events going on! Check out the HOA Update for parking questions to Be Kind and Respectful to everyone around you. We also have great information about our Resident Referral Program, don’t miss out on your chance to win big!

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