Your FOB is ready!

Hello Santa Rita Ranch!

If you have already closed on your home and not yet picked up your Frequency Operated Button (FOB) for access into the gated pool facility at the Ranch House, please stop by and pick your complimentary FOB (1st FOB is provided at no cost to you by the Developers) whenever you have an opportunity.  I have already activated your FOB (through December 31st, 2033) so all you need to do is stop by and sign for it.    I am normally in the Ranch House (175 Elizabeth Park Blvd) here in the North  Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM.    If you are not able to make it during these hours, please let me know ( or 512-688-5237) and I will be happy to coordinate getting you your FOB.

Should you desire additional FOB’s, you may purchase up to two additional FOB’s at a cost of $10.00 each.   Payment (no cash please) can be made by way of check made payable to “Santa Rita Master Community.”

Swimming season is just around the corner so am looking forward to seeing you soon.

Changing the World (One Community at a Time)

The world is changing.

Environmentally, sociologically, culturally, and technologically the world is changing… some say at breakneck speed or in exponential fashion.  Some have alleged that we have also become a species who has lost its inclination for self-determination. We allow ourselves to be told how to act, what to do, what to want, and even who or what to love.  And so we are.

So, given we are amidst of a devastating change, what can we do? Well, if the world trend is to isolate and become more dependent on a tenuous infrastructure, and that’s not working, perhaps we should embrace an alternative point-of-view. Maybe the answer is to become more connected, more self-reliant, and unswervingly responsible for ourselves. Maybe we should start at the most fundamental level – ourselves – and then move to include our neighbors and our community.

Community associations represent a microcosm of the world as a whole.  What better environment to work within in order to instigate the kinds of change that help people learn how to connect and work together in the pursuit of common goals and objectives. It is just that kind energy that is needed in the world we live in today. Never underestimate the power of community or your ability to influence it.
Communication, transparency, engagement, involvement, respect, trust and kindness are the key pathways to creating community unity our community association or the world-at-large.  Travel that path and you help create a better you, but in the process you also help cultivate better neighbors, better communities and ultimately a better world.

I am inordinately proud to be your Community Association Manager.  I look forward with a great deal of excitement to being able to provide updates, news events, hot topics, etc. through this blog in order to help facilitate with this change within Santa Rita Ranch.