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Santa Rita Ranch is a master-planned community that encompasses the best choices of new homes in Austin, Texas. Our homes are surrounded by the beauty of Texas Hill Country, take your time when driving over and enjoy the beautiful green landscape. Your experience in Hill Country doesn’t stop with the scenic drive to our community. There are multitude of hiking and biking trails surrounding Santa Rita Ranch, including the four mile San Gabriel River Trail.

Our developers Ed and Elizabeth Horne are a bit of outdoor explorers themselves. Elizabeth grew up on the land and spent time enjoying the land with her family. Santa Rita Ranch has always been a place that reinvents itself to whoever steps on the land and gives the entire community a place to enjoy right now and imagine the possibilities for the future.

We invite you to come experience the Hill Country lifestyle for yourself and see why our new homes in Austin Texas fit so beautifully with the land. Bring your walking shoes and explore the trails while you are here.