We’re Giga-Fast with
1 gig of internet speed
now available!

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When you move in to your dream home at Santa Rita Ranch, you’re also logging in to some of the fastest Internet speeds in the country. Santa Rita Ranch is proud to offer 1 gigabit to its residents through Suddenlink—a lightning-fast speed formerly reserved for large businesses and major metropolitan areas.

From streaming to uploading, there’s nothing standing in the way of you and your progress.
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How fast is 1 gig?

Choose an activity below to see how fast you can enjoy it with 1 gig of Internet speed.

  • HD MOVIE | 3GB
  • Online Game | 500 MB
  • 50 Photos | 100 MB
  • 8 songs | 40 MB
  • MINS
    50 MB
  • MINS
    100 MB
  • MINS
    200 MB
  • MINS
    500 MB
  • MINS
    1 GIGA
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