Georgetown, TX ISD

Get to Know Georgetown ISD

Georgetown ISD schools offer diverse educational experiences and extensive community partnerships to create first-class students—and with their extraordinary upgrades to 21st century facilities, technology upgrades, and improvements within the classroom to allow for transformational learning, upgraded transportation, and so much more.

Quick Facts on our GISD Schools

-Average commute time to school: less than 15 minutes
-In 2015, Georgetown ISD passed a $160 million bond issue for the improvements of all schools within the district
-Tippit Middle School is to see the most improvements from the $160 million GISD bond, with $25 million reserved
for school improvements
-In the spring of 2013, Georgetown ISD issued an iPad to each teacher to bring mobile technologies to the classroom
-Pickett Elementary offers the latest in educational programs including SeaPerch underwater
robotics, Honor Choir, Pickett Players, Chess Club, and so much more.

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  • As a more diverse school, East View High School provides a reflection of the way Texas truly is.
  • The East View High School completion rate is amongst the highest in the state of Texas at 98%! The average Texas high school completion rate is 85%.
    • How does East View accomplish this? They begin by not allowing students to fail. Beginning sophomore year, those students who are falling back or struggling more in classes are mentored and given the resources they need to complete their work and succeed in the classroom.2016_08_11_13_44_19_SRR_SchoolHandout.PRESS.pdf_Adobe_Acrobat_Pro_DC
  • East View is a school that embraces athletics and arts – students can find anything to fit their interests, from culinary classes and 3D printing to football and swimming.
  • Principals top 3 priorities for the schools and students are:
    • Model Respect
    • Form trusting relationships with students
    • Collaboration
  • Students who attend East View High School can take college classes at ACC and Southwestern University for free! That means students could potentially graduate with 24 college credits before even entering college.

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  • Currently undergoing a 26 million dollar renovation which will include “stem halls”, similar to a college campus, with wings set aside for a particular curriculum.
  • New construction will also include:2016-08-11 13_36_09-Settings
    • An open concept with movable spaces
  • Community service is heavily promoted through the school, encouraging kids to get in groups and volunteer throughout Georgetown.
  • Benefits to Title I Schools:
    • Additional state and federal funds are given to the school to have the latest educational pieces and technology.
    • Title I schools offer more staff and onsite counselors available to their student body.
    • Offer more programs and extracurricular activities than normal schools.

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  • Total amount of students at Pickett Elementary averages around 350 students.
  • A teacher at Pickett Elementary has an average of 11.6 years experience!school-07
  • Pickett Elementary offers bilingual programs with classes taught in both English and Spanish.
  • Classes at Pickett Elementary involve blended learning, where there is a mix of typical instruction and digital technology integration.
  • Pickett was one of the first schools in Georgetown to allow students and teachers to have direct input on virtually every aspect of the school’s design. Students even painted and glazed the tiles used in the interior of the school!
  • From the 2015 GISD bond, Pickett received money to secure their entry way to the school, providing a safer learning environment.