Going Green with Eco-Friendly Homes

At Santa Rita Ranch, we are committed to being mindful stewards of the land, just like the area’s historical residents who were pioneers leading the way back to nature. We want residents to experience the beauty of nature (Ranch Code #5) through walking trails, skipping rocks on the river and sipping wine while overlooking the Hill Country. We are dedicated to preserving our Central Texas way of life, with down lighting that creates dark skies for magnificent star-filled nights and a natural rhythm for our ecosystem. Relax in the beauty of the Hill Country in one of our new, eco-friendly homes minutes from Austin, Texas, but worlds apart.


At Santa Rita Ranch, it is important for us to be conscious of the impact we make on our community and to be stewards of the land we live on. To uphold this commitment, we have taken measures to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint through a landscaping selection that is beautiful but also do not require a lot of water. This proves to be important in our central Texas climate.

Native and adapted plants were used throughout our villages and at the Ranch House because of their ability to naturally resist drought, pests and diseases that are prevalent in Texas. Less watering, fertilizing and chemical control is required with native and adapted plants, thus conserving our water resources.

Native and adapted plants thrive with minimal care and provide habitat for local wildlife. At Santa Rita Ranch, you will be surrounded by several different types of vegetation found throughout Texas. From Texas Mt. Laurel and Cedar Elm, to Red Autumn Sage and Softleaf Yucca, you are guaranteed to be surrounded with beautiful and natural resources just outside your door.

Natural Gas

At Santa Rita Ranch, we are excited to have partnered with Atmos Energy to be the only master-planned community in the area to offer natural gas to our residents. Not only is natural gas one of the safest and cleanest energy sources to have in your home, it also is the most cost efficient. On average, natural gas will lower your energy bill more than 2 times compared to propane! Now that’s saving. You will also be able to have superior amenities in your home such as gas cooking, a gas fireplace, and outdoor gas appliances.

Santa Rita Ranch originally provided propane service to all residents, but when natural gas became available, our developers jumped at the chance and established a partnership with Atmos Energy to bring natural gas to our community. “Existing homeowners are now converted from propane, and natural gas is being designed into all homes under construction and those in the planning phases by the various builders”, said Ed Horne, co-developer of Santa Rita Ranch. “The existing homes that switched to propane will save significant money in the long run by lowering utility bills and will quickly pay back the up-front conversion cost.”


Our gallery of premier builders at Santa Rita Ranch each take on their own energy efficient procedures when building your new home. Don’t worry, the style, size, and comfort of your home will not be sacrificed. Our builders have mastered incorporating their energy efficient techniques into creating beautiful, lifelong and eco-friendly homes for you. Building homes that are more efficient, is our builder’s commitment to green living and ensuring our residents live in an environment that is richer, healthier and more economical.