It’s the most wonderful time of the year, around every corner finding more Christmas cheer! We have a few tips for dressing your home for the holidays a little easier this year. Get the family together, blast the Christmas music, it’s time to deck the halls with boughs of holly!

Making Spirits Bright:


From our Friends At Better Home and Garden

Start with the lights; everyone is an agreement to get the lights on first and foremost. Buy your lights on green or white strands according to your preference, if your goal is to hide the strands completely go with green. Lights come in 50 or 100 light sets.

Plan ahead- how big is your tree? Use about 12 boxes of 50-light strands for a 6-foot tree and about 20 boxes for an 8-foot tree.

Begin at the bottom of the tree close to the trunk.

Garland Hung With Care:


From Our Friends at Better Homes and Garden

Start at the top of the tree, and slowly increase the amount of garland between each wave as you work your way down the branches. Better Homes and Garden recommends using two strands of garland for every vertical foot of your tree. You can use floral wire to attach securely to the tree.


More is More:


Photo Source: Love the Day

Next, comes placing ornaments on the trees. We recommend using green wire to hang your treasures.

Showcase your favorites by placing them first in prime locations on the tree. Then add your larger ornaments spacing them evenly around the green. Start wrapping the green wire all one direction when you are placing the ornaments on the tree, and then when it’s time to clean up unwrap in the opposite direction for an effortless clean up.

We hope you are feeling inspired and ready to sprinkle some holiday magic all throughout your tree and home!