The cold weather and rain has kept us indoors too long! Our bodies are aching for warmer weather and it’s got us anxious to move our legs and explore the beautiful hill country.

Curious about ways to get you and your family active in area? We have compiled some of our favorite activities to get you energized and livin’ that Santa Rita active lifestyle!

Hiking the San Gabriel Trails



We are blessed to live in one of the best areas for outdoor living. Santa Rita Ranch is surrounded by local trails that are perfect for any outdoor activity: hiking, walking, fishing, bike riding, and so much more! Just a short drive away, these trails are great for solo or group hikes and has a little bit of everything anyone is looking for!

Georgetown Fitness

Those looking for a local gym should think about joining Georgetown Fitness! Not only are they open 95 hours a week, they also offer personal training, cycling, weightlifting, and boxing for those looking for a new twist on getting their heart rate up!

Moksha Yoga & Pilates on The Square



Yoga and pilates are good for toning the body, and great for your mental health as well! In the heart of Georgetown, you can find a two in one studio for yoga and pilates. This is a perfect spot to get active with locals and refresh your body with some stretching and strength targeting exercises.

CrossFit Liberty Hill

Crossfit to Fight


Jump on the bandwagon and get in a great strength and cardio work out at Crossfit Liberty Hill. There is a reason so many people are turning to CrossFit: it’s great for cardiovascular building, blasts calories, and is FUN! Each day, the exercises are different so you are guaranteed to never get bored.

These are just some of the many ways we love getting active in the Liberty Hill & Georgetown communities. Staying active all year around is important for physical and mental health, which is why living an active & healthy lifestyle is part of our “Ranch Code”. Get moving and embrace the changing seasons with one of these fun ways to get active!