It’s time to take advantage of the long days and sunshine with these fun summer games!

Nothing is better than getting the family outside and putting a twist on some classic games we used to play. These DIY outdoor games are fun, easy, and a perfect way to beat the heat this summer. From giant slip ‘n slides to your own version of the Olympics, this summer on the Ranch will be one to remember!

Giant Slip ‘N Slide
giant water slide
Inspiration from: Fresh Crush

What you need:
Plastic Sheeting or Tarp (Depending on how big you want)
Tear Free Soap (Optional)

Sometimes the pool gets old and the sprinklers aren’t fun anymore, that’s why this is perfect for the summer days when you want to brighten up your kiddo’s eyes! Slip ‘n Slides are cool, but a giant one? You just won coolest parents of the summer!

Once you have found your patch of grass, roll out your plastic sheeting/tarp. You can put stakes in your slide to help the tarp not crumple up and hold in place, but this step is optional. Once your slide is ready, it’s go slide! Have the kids pour soap all over the tarp for adequate sliding (tear free is best so you can avoid tears!). Spray on the water and go! Don’t forget to add some tubes or boogie boards to help you slip on down.

Inspiration from: Crate, Craft, Love

What you need:
Sponges (3 Sponges Per Ball)
Rubber Bands

Water balloon fights are fun, but water fights where you don’t have to pick up trash and can reuse everything makes for happy parents! Spongeballs are a take on the traditional summer activity, but with a twist! Grab 3 sponges and cut them up long ways (hot-dog style) 3 times. Once all of the sponges are cut up, grab 9 pieces and stack them into a 3×3 cube! Wrap the rubber bands around the middle 2-3 times (depending on the size of the band) and fluff! Put all the dry spongeballs into your bucket, fill with water and start! Not only is this game fun and new, it’s a great way to beat the heat!

Let the Games Begin – Ring Toss
ring toss
Inspiration from: Kidspot

What you need:
5 Empty Toilet Paper Rolls
Rectangle Piece of Cardboard for Base
Cardboard for Rings
Green, Yellow, Red, Black and Blue Paint
Masking Tape

Only every four years do we get to have the excuse to celebrate the Summer Olympics, and what’s more fun than to make it a family affair with an Olympic Ring Toss! If you have old cardboard boxes lying around, this is the perfect activity to put those to use and get them out of your way.

First, cut one piece of cardboard into the shape of a large rectangle to make the Ring Toss base. Once your base is cut out, get each of your toilet paper rolls and paint them different Olympic colors. While the rolls are drying, use the rest of your cardboard to cut out rings to throw on the different tubes. Once the rings are cut out, paint each ring a different color (just make sure each color has the same number of rings). Now that all of your pieces are ready to go, it’s to time to put the finishing touches. Tape down (or glue if you’d like) the tubes to the base in the pattern of the colors seen on the Olympic logo. Match each ring to the corresponding color and see who wins the Gold!