With the kiddos heading back to school, we know that life can get hectic trying to juggle new schedules, homework, family meals, bills, and so much more that goes on the daily basis. So Start the year off right by creating a centralized station in your home called,  “a Command Center” to catch the clutter of life in a functional yet in beautiful and fun way! Command Centers are great for any home, and at any budget. We put together a few tips and tricks for you think about when you are creating your Command Center at home!

Popular Places for Family Command Centers

Santa Rita Ranch
Inspiration from: Martha Stewart

Here are a few places we thought work the best for your Command Center location:

-Entry ways by primary door
-By garage
-Kitchen, if space allows
-In a spacious corner or nook

Pick the location; seek out high traffic areas of your home. Think about the doors you and your family most frequently use.

What Belongs in the Command Center

image 1Inspiration From: The Caldwell Project

Here are a few items we thought would be useful to use:

Cork Board or Bulletin Board:
For your family schedules, great place to display art, or family photos.
Big Monthly Calendar:
Write down all of your important events for the month in one central place.
Hooks for Backpacks:
Or other equipment used daily- sports gear, lunch boxes, music instruments… etc.
Perfect for time management
Place for Car Keys:
Or wallet, purse, sunglasses… etc.
Clutter Catcher for Papers:
Can be categorized into “Needs Actions” “File Away” “Shred”
Chore Chart / Cleaning Check List:
Establish habits in a visual, easy to follow way.
Grocery Lists or To DO lists:
Keep track of what needs to be done/ or what needs to be purchase
Dinner Menu:
Let your kids help plan or give input for the upcoming week
Important family document files:
Great place to keep a home management folder with all of your important family documents
Family photos, inspiring quotes, bible verses etc. 

Round up relevant belongings, gather important family documents– any item you think might be useful in your Command Center. Also, have FUN with it and add plants, random decor fun decor items, and/or different color markers to write with!