Santa Rita Ranch is proud to be the only master-planned community to offer its residents natural gas in the Georgetown & Liberty Hill area. Natural Gas is a big advantage over propane, but there is a lot of information people are not aware of when it comes to natural gas and the benefits it can provide you.

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Originally at Santa Rita, all of the residents were on propane gas, but when the opportunity to provide natural gas to our residents came about, we jumped at the chance! Natural gas not only reduces the carbon foot print of your home, it also saves YOU money!

What are some of the other benefits you may ask? More than you would think! On average, natural gas can lower your utility bill by two times compared to propane! In addition, it provides warmer heat, more hot water, and lets residents have amenities any Texan wants in their home: gas grills for steak nights, a gas fireplace for cold winter nights, and outdoor gas appliances for all those backyard barbecues!

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It doesn’t end there! It’s also more environmentally friendly to have natural gas over propane. It produces less greenhouse gas emissions, meets many green building codes, and carries the Energy Star rating.  It is one of the cleanest, safest, and most desirable energy source to have in your home and keeps our Hill Country beautiful!

Natural gas is such a versatile amenity with lots of benefits for you and your home. Got any questions? Contact us to learn more about this amenity — only available at Santa Rita Ranch.