Austin has become “the place” to relocate to in the South. A booming housing market, low unemployment and a strong, diverse job market with many industries and well-paying jobs in Austin puts it at the top. According to research done by the Austin relocation guide, the city is continually at the top of many “Best Places” lists.




Austin and the Technology Industry

The city has become a huge draw for the sector; it’s home to technology giant Dell who employs over 14,000 people. More recently, Apple has made the move to the city, building a campus that once is completely finished will be home to 3,000 total employees. According to Julie Huls, President and CEO of the Austin Technology Council, an estimated one-third of the technology sector in Austin originated in California. The appeal of lower cost of doing business in Texas is a huge factor to both startups and larger companies.

Huls also points to the incentive structure that lays in the state of Texas. The state offers around $19 billion dollars a year in company incentives. In addition, Texas offers grants through the Emerging Technology Fund, which has awarded funds for product development and other categories, and is attributed to the creation of an estimated 54,000 jobs in Austin through $410 million dollars in gifts.

Image Source: Wikipedia

Image Source: Wikipedia

Plenty of Jobs, Plenty of Qualified Graduates

Austin is not only home to a booming tech industry but also an above average entry level workforce. The relocation guide points out that Austin is home to plenty of new college graduates due to many colleges, including the University of Texas, being located in and around the city. Over 40% of the residents in Austin twenty-five years old and older hold a bachelor’s degree; way above the national average of 27.5 percent.

Add Bio to Technology

The University of Texas is ranked number 1 out of over 400 research universities by the Milken Institute, making the city an up and coming hub for the biotech industry.

These two industries are only the beginning of the wealth of great jobs in Austin. Come check out what the city has to offer, download our Relocation Guide and see how we’ve created our own brand of “ranch style living” at Santa Rita Ranch just a short distance from the city.