Live Active & Healthy at Santa Rita Ranch


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Feeling a mid-day slump, a little less creative and focused, or do you find yourself yawning and reaching for another cup of coffee?  According to a Stanford Study, stepping away can lead to high creativity and innovative ideas. This experiment was tested four times between levels of creativity of students that sat vs students that walked. A simple change with a drastic difference!

Most people have a hard time finding the time to walk away during the workday, but research has shown that just 5-15 minutes of walking will help you produce a clear mind that will allow you to be more productive and creative.  Burning calories, absorbing Vitamin D (if you take your walk outdoors), and melting away stress of the work atmosphere are just a few of the many advantages.  And, what lovely part of your day to simply breathe!  So, when you hit that slump, take 5 and blaze your own trail- maybe it is just what you need to “get inspired!”

Step Away & Get Inspired