Ranch Code #2: Enjoy family bonds.

What’s a more perfect way to spend the day outside than a picnic at a park with the family! One of our favorite family activities in the Hill Country, picnics allow for adventure and healthy eating! Taking advantage of sunshine and days without school, kids love picnics!  This is an opportunity to you and your family to enjoy quality time together. Here are some of our favorite snacks to pack to make sure the kids love them and they aren’t too messy!

The Ice
Inspiration from: Sandy Toes and Popsicles

Frozen juice boxes (or water bottles) are the perfect ice! You’re probably thinking, “How are my kids supposed to drink these if they are frozen?” Valid question, we have the perfect answer! Put them in your cooler or basket to be the “ice-packs” and they will be chilly and melted by the time your picnic is ready to go!

The Lunch
Inspiration from: Sandy Toes and Popsicles

We love using reusable containers for our picnics because it eliminates trash, they are better for the Earth and your food doesn’t get smooshed! Having about 6 or 7 containers is perfect! This is how we divide everything up (but you do what works for you): meat roll-ups, cheese cubes, 2 for fruits, 1/2 for veggies and 1 for cookies as a dessert! If you and your kiddos like some crunch with your lunch, we also bring a sleeve of crackers along!

The Loading
Inspiration from: Sandy Toes and Popsicles

There is a method to our madness we promise! Loading your basket or cooler the right way can save room and keep the right things cold! The frozen juice boxes line the bottom of the cooler to provide optimum cooling throughout. Then go up, meats and cheeses go closest to the frozen juices! We put fruits, veggies and then the crackers and cookies at the top! This way, the perishable food always stays cold!

The Spot
The Best Picnic Spot
There are so many spots that you can picnic; in your neighborhood or at a city park, the options are endless! Some of our favorites in the neighborhood are at a park where the kids can swing or play soccer, or even right by the pool so everyone can cool off whenever they want! Outside the neighborhood are some great parks in Central Texas right on the North Folk San Gabriel River: Sawyer Park, Jim Hogg Park, Cedar Breaks Park, Walnut Spring Park, Booty’s Road Park and Tejas Camp!