Don’t worry, Labor Day snuck up on us too! But there’s no need to worry, we’ve handpicked some amazing places right in our backyard. And in true Santa Rita Ranch fashion, these ideas all personify our Ranch Code, so get ready to discover natural beauty & be active! (Ranch Code #5)

Cedar Breaks Park

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Cedar Breaks Park is located at the southeastern corner of Lake Georgetown, which is only 17 minutes away! This park has it all- hiking, fishing, boating and camping. The trails around Cedar Breaks park offer incredible views of the lake, waterfalls, springs, and even remains of old corrals and spring houses. For the adventurous, we have a 16.5-mile hike that takes you all around Lake Georgetown and really highlights the beauty of the area. Even if you can’t get out for the whole day, we recommend at least a picnic down by the lake! For only $5 you get access to the grills, picnic tables, & the beautiful scenery.

Bull Creek

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Bull Creek shows off the incredible history of how the Texas Hill country was formed. Gorgeous limestone formations help create natural pools and waterfalls that are perfect for a nice, relaxing weekend. The entrance can be a bit tricky though, so after you take 360 to Spicewood Springs Rd take the first right and the parking lot should be right there. But don’t forget Fido- Bull Creek is both pet & kid-friendly! Everyone in the family will enjoy splashing around in the creek, so make sure to pack swim suits and towels. We also recommend wearing good tennis shoes since wet limestone can be slippery.

Inner Space Caverns

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Sometimes you want to get out, but still stay cool, which isn’t exactly easy in Texas. Inner Space Caverns is the perfect solution to that conundrum. With an average temperature of 72 degrees, the cavern will take you back in time to the prehistoric Ice-Age and its inhabitants. Remains of giant mammoths & saber-toothed tigers have amazed children & adults since it opened to the public in 1966. There are 3 different tours to choose from starting with a 1.5-hour adventure tour that requires no reservations. And if you have anyone in your party with a military ID they give a $2 discount on every ticket, so make sure to invite your friends in the service!