California may not be the best place to move any longer; there’s a variety of available jobs in Austin. The city has consistently remained at the top of most economic rankings: housing, unemployment and cost of living. It also remains at the top for job growth.


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Former Governor Rick Perry has recently made a public appeal for why relocating to Texas is a good choice. Not to check out the diverse landscape or for a football game, but because of the economy. Perry is luring people away from traditionally top relocation states like California and asking them to be open to Texas. Things like jobs in Austin make the state a huge draw. He’s pitching lower taxes, and looser business regulations and costs for why industry and people should give Texas a chance.

Kurt Badenhausen, a writer at Forbes, looked at the top 200 metro markets for job growth, seven metros in Texas ranked in the top ten but Austin finished first. He cites Moody’s Analytics for economic research that Austin is expecting a 4% job growth annually through 2015.

In recent years, a diverse mix of companies have been expanding to Texas, offering additional jobs in Austin. Austin is home to major technology corporations including IBM, Dell, Google and Facebook. Apple Inc. is currently building a 1 million square foot campus in the city. The new campus will create 3,600 new jobs in Austin, this more than doubles Apple’s current workforce in the city.

Another company National Instruments, who makes test and measurement hardware and software systems, has added 1,000 jobs in Austin with an average salary of $72,223. This company is a great fit for Austin, they recruit staff directly from colleges and the University of Texas is home to over 50,000 students.

Source: Forbes

Source: Forbes

Other Texas cities that ranked at the top of the job growth list are McAllen at second, Houston at third and Fort Worth at fourth. “In Texas, it starts with the energy industry, but it has become a well diversified economy with IT, professional services and transportation,” says Ed Friedman, a Moody’s Analytics research analyst who focuses on Texas.

People are flocking to Austin. The city has a net migration rate that is the third highest in the country over the last five years. Badenhausen credits this to the city’s hip reputation and the numerous companies that are constantly hiring.

The median income is also higher than the national average, $58,932 compared to the US average of $51,017 and many jobs in Austin pay in the six digits.

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