Are you ready to go green in the Hill Country? Purchasing or building an eco-friendly home at Santa Rita Ranch can be beneficial for both the beautiful environment we live in and your family. As people become more intentional about how their choices affect the landscape and community around them, the decision to live conscious of the environment has become of further importance. In addition, certain benefits can help keep money in your pocket through energy bill savings and energy efficient building techniques.

What about these characteristics can influence your decision to go eco-friendly? Eco Home Resource has these insights.

Saving with Energy Efficient Appliances

As the summer heat sets in, energy and water bill savings are at the top of every homeowner’s mind. Your efforts to keep your energy bills low should begin before ground is broken on your home.

Work with the builder you select to install energy efficient appliances, these include your refrigerator, dishwasher, washer, dryer and the water heater. Front loading washers are more energy efficient than top loaders, and dishwashers are now available to with a no-heat feature. You can research to find out which brand and model of appliances meet your needs.

Insulation Makes a Difference

By choosing the right insulation, you can also save big in the energy department. advises that using an insulation with a high “R-value” is going to be the most effective in reducing energy use. The R-value of insulation is determined by an insulation’s density, thickness and what type is it. Your builder can help you determine which brand and R-value is going to best fit your requirements for an eco-friendly home at Santa Rita Ranch.


Utilizing The Current Landscape and Nature to Save Water

Texas is known for its hot, dry summers which can make it difficult to find a balance between using a lot of very valuable water and having a yard that’s always close to death. One way to create an eco-friendly home environment and save money on your water bill is to choose plants and vegetation that is native to Texas. These plants don’t need a lot of water; Texas Smartscape states that native vegetation requires 80% less watering than non-native plants.


Being conscious of the types of homes we build has always been the vision of Santa Rita Ranch. The desire to give back more than we take from our community and environment is one of our top priorities. Schedule a time to come by, take a tour and find out how one our premier builders can give you the eco-friendly home you desire.