Live Active and Healthy, Ranch Code No. 6

January is upon us and the new year is always a great time to recharge your workout routine. There are so many ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle at Santa Rita Ranch, from inside your home, outside on the hiking and biking trails, to attending Camp Gladiator on-site, there is something for everyone!

Below we have curated a wonderful selection of workout videos that can be done anywhere in your home to help inspire your healthiest self in 2017! Grab a towel, water, and try your weight free home workout today!

Tara Stiles:

Tara Stiles is a premier yoga instructor, and you can enjoy her flow from the comfort of your home! Explore the many benefits of practicing yoga from increased strength and flexibility to a calmness of mind, 2017 is the year to dive into a healthy practice!

video source: Tara Stiles Yoga 

Popsugar Fitness:

Popsugar is one of our favorite online resources for workout videos. Fitness maven, Anna Renderer, is constantly on the lookout for the latest and the greatest fitness classes. Below we have picked a range of videos ranging in level and types of classes.


Videos Borrowed From our Friends At Popsugar Fitness