ofh6Veteran’s Day, celebrated on November 11th every year, is a day to honor and say thank you to the dedicated men and women who protect our freedom and keep our Nation safe. However, at Santa Rita Ranch, we offer our gratitude to Veterans every day of the year! We are excited to announce that Santa Rita Ranch and Operation Finally Home have partnered for a second time to provide an honorable veteran and their family, a brand new home to call their own!
We are humbled by the opportunity to welcome another well deserving vet home to Santa Rita Ranch. David DeTuccio, an
 admirable Veteran, and Purple Heart recipient will receive a brand new home, mortgage free, designed with veteran’s and their families in mind.

David DeTuccio enlisted in the United States Army in 2007, where he began rigorous military training just out of high school. DeTuccio was sent to Ft. Polk where he was assigned to the 10th Mountain Division 2nd infantry 30th battalion. That same year, DeTuccio was deployed to Baghdad, Iraq where his unit was frequently involved in raids and extractions. On February 19, 2008, DeTuccio’s life forever changed when his unit was ambushed right outside the compound. A rocket-propelled improvised explosive device (IED) struck DeTuccio, catapulting his body into a cinder block wall. He suffered many injuries including shrapnel wounds, loss of function in his left shoulder, and continues to suffer from severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), seizures, troubled speech, and severe brain injury resulting in memory loss, headaches, and a cognitive disorder.

He has no memory of the offensive attack and sadly, no memory of his wedding day. DeTuccio and his family have been living in Nebraska but have hopes of moving to Texas so he can he closer to his family and warmer weather! At Santa Rita Ranch, we are pleased to make their dream a reality. 


Highland Homes will be building a brand new home for the DeTuccio family

Santa Rita Ranch and Operation Finally Home would like to extend the warmest welcome to David DeTuccio, his wife Nicole, and their four children. We can’t wait to get to know your family and we look forward to your new life on The Ranch!