In 2016, Georgetown, Texas will go 100% renewable – meaning it will generate all of its power from solar and wind, making it the largest city in America to do so.


Clean energy will mean lower utility costs for Georgetown and its 60,000 residents and keep utility costs constant for 25 years. This also translates into the lowest water and electricity costs in central Texas for residents.


As Texas has been in a sustained drought, it will take less water to generate wind and solar energy. Santa Rita Ranch is proud to be located in the Georgetown, Texas community for residents to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Renewable energy will mean lower bills for all residents and leaving the environment better than it was originally found, of which Santa Rita is proud to play a small part.


Part of this contract includes 144 megawatts of wind energy through 2039. That electricity comes from an EDF Renewables wind farm 50-miles west of Amarillo. (On average, a megawatt of solar energy can power as many as 100 Texas homes on the hottest summer days. During average temperatures, it can power many times more.)

Santa Rita Ranch offers the ultimate outdoor living experience, with tons of activities, trails, and nature for families and everyone to enjoy together. Going green will help instill pride in the city of Georgetown as well as help protect the beautiful environment and landscape of Santa Rita Ranch.