Stovetop Popcorn

Popcorn made on the stovetop makes an easy and healthy fall snack (no chemicals or nasty preservatives!)  A perfect snack to pile on the couch with your family for a movie night or feature a popcorn bar at your next get together – this versatile snack is easy and will quickly become a favorite!

All you need is a cooking pot with lid, popcorn kernels, coconut oil (or canola oil), and a little sea salt to taste. Then blaze your own trail (Ranch Code: #7) and add some unique toppings: think, savory, tangy, sweet, or salty?! Pile it on, the possibilities are endless with stovetop popcorn!


Place 2  tablespoons of coconut oil into a pot with a lid over medium heat. Let the melted oil cover the bottom of the pan before adding in kernels.

Add 3/4 kernels to the pan and lightly shake your pan until the kernels are fully coated.

shake occasionally until the first kernel pops, then shake vigorously until most of the kernels have popped- about 3 minutes.

Add a little sea salt and butter for a salt for a satisfying snack your whole family will enjoy!


Comment below your family’s favorite way to enjoy this favorite fall treat!