The ranch is blooming with summertime joy, and we thought it would be fun to share a few DIY tricks on how to keep your array of summertime blooms looking gorgeous this season! From floating flowers to stacking flowers, here are a few unique ideas you can try at home.

Disguising your stems
Disguise Your Stems
Inspiration by: Listotic

Hide those flower stems with the easy trick! You simply just use large flat leaves and wrap them around your vase, then you have assembled a beautiful floral arrangement! TIP: To help flowers stay into place you can create a grid on top of the vase with green floral tape.

Bubble Skirt

bubble Skirt
Floating Flowers
Inspiration by: Listotic

The bubble skirt is a unique way to orange flowers and is easy to implement! This floral arrangement is designed for flowers to float in the water. In order to do so, cut a tiny piece of bubble wrap like a skirt around the flower base. Once you cut the bubble wrap you fold the wrap over and cut a hole for the stem to go through. After you cut the hole, slide the bubble skirt onto the stem. Cut the stem accordingly, then let your flowers float!

Tower of Flowers
Tower of flowers

Inspiration by: Listotic

This floral arrangement would be a perfect display either on your patio or by your front door. To assemble the flower tower, you begin with placing the largest planter at the bottom with one smaller pot upside down in the large pot. Repeat this process and place the final pot right side up  and fill with potting mix. Finally, add your favorite colorful flowers in all layers for a beautiful floral arrangement, perfect for the front porch or patio!

Floral Foam to the Rescue

Floral Arrangement
Foam to The Rescue
Inspiration by: Listotic

To help keep your flowers in an up right and perfect position, place them in foam! The first step is to soak the foam in water for about 20 to 30 minutes. Once the floral foam has soaked, you can begin to assemble your fun floral arrangement just in time for sweet summertime! TIP: The first floral piece you want to assemble is your greenery to the foam because it helps you assemble less flowers.

Vase Envy

Vase Envy
Floral Artangement
Inspiration by: Listotic

Sometimes it take a little touch to make your flowers bloom even more! Get creative with the mini treasures you may have in your home cabinet to use or add to your vase. For example, some of our favorite vase ideas are using mason jars with decorative ribbon around it or you can a wine glass as your vase too! Have FUN, sometimes the small items in your household can make a difference in how you arrange your summertime blooms.

Keep your beautiful Texas Hill Country flowers blooming all spring with the great tips!