Father’s Day is a day to celebrate Dad and all the GREAT things he does for us. We love to get crafty with the kids so Dad’s day is the perfect reason to create a gift he’ll cherish for years to come. Here are a few of our favorite DIY  Father’s Day gift ideas! 

1.) Home-Made Father’s Day Card
Gift Inspiration by Fiskars

Make Dad a a one-of-a-kind card for Father’s Day! Home-made cards are always worth keeping on the fridge till the kids are graduating from college, right?  AND it can allow the kiddos (and you!) to show off some good ol’ creativity. A good start for some inspiration is to make the card themed with his favorite hobbies, such as fishing, golfing, cycling or cooking. Finger painted or hand-print cards are another fun way to decorate a card for the man of the day.

2.) Dad’s Toolbox
Gift Inspiration by Moms & Munckins

Create a home-made toolbox for Dad that is filled with his favorite snacks or if he is a fisherman you could put candy worm gummies in a fishing tool box too. He’ll get a kick out of this delicious tool box, no work required, just YUMS! Themed home-made g
ift baskets are fun to pick out each item AND to put everything together. Dad will love to indulge on all his favorite snacks and the personal touch of fun decorations to the “tool box” makes it even that more special. 

3.) Breakfast For Champions aka Dad
Gift Inspiration by Food Funny Art

Don’t forget breakfast! Let the kids help out in the kitchen and make a fun plate for dad. A gift for dad AND some time to play with their food? They’ll have a blast. This breakfast for Dad champions could be… making a silly portrait of Dad with his favorite breakfast items. How fun is that!?

4.) Dad’s Grilling in Style
Gift Inspiration by Rockin Mama

Father’ s Day is the perfect time of year from some grilling, so why not surprise him with a new grill set? This gift could be a home-made decorated apron paired with some of his favorite sauces, salsas and some fun new grilling equipment. 

5.) Grandpa’s Bragging Rights
Gift Inspiration by Wine And Glue

Not only are dads celebrated on Father’s Day, but Grandpas too! Here is a cute photo book idea for your kids to give to Grandpa on his special day too. 

Enjoy Father’s Day in the Texas Hill Country, right here on the ranch!