Holiday Crafts

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Easy Holiday Crafts For Your Kids

The chaos of the holiday season is here and time to entertain your kids with something other than “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.” Spending time with the kiddos and keeping them entertained when school is out gets harder and harder every year. Our go-to activities is always to feul their creative energy.  But pulling off kids holiday crafts, last minute Christmas shopping, gift wrapping etc. etc. can seem impossible.

These quick craft ideas are easy and will help you re-purpose some of the extra gift-wrapping supplies and old holiday decorations. These are a few of our Holiday craft blog favorites from HGTVParents and Parenting:

Cheap Christmas Village Repurposed

Christmas Village Craft

A fun holiday craft sure to keep your kids entertained. ADDED BONUS: these cute houses are only $1 at your local craft store.

  1. If desired, prime each house with acrylic paint. This will help you cover all the little crevices that might be hard to cover with spray paint alone.
  2. Spray paint each house, making sure to get paint in all the crevices (like windows). Repeat if necessary.
  3. If you want some sparkle, brush some paint on desired areas (like roof), and sprinkle glitter on top. A clear chunky glitter will provide good snowy sparkle.

Image Source: Parents

Mini Snow Globes

Snow Globe Holiday Craft

Set a wintery scene on your tree with these cute DIY ornaments.

  1. Trace the opening of a clear plastic shot glass (we got ours at a dollar store) on card stock.
  2. Use pinking shears to cut a circle slightly larger than the traced line, then use a glue dot to adhere a small plastic figure to the center.
  3. Add 1 tablespoon Epsom salts to the plastic cup, then line the rim of the cup with tacky glue and adhere the cardstock base.
  4. When the seam is dry, glue a piece of metallic pipe cleaner around the bottom of the globe.
  5. Thread string through a button for a hanger, then glue the button in place.

Image Source: Parents

Peppermint Snack Plate

Peppermint Holiday Craft

Use a classic candy for a unique holiday craft. Follow these simple steps to create a one-of-a-kind Santa or snack plate:

  1. Lay peppermints side-by-side on a cookie sheet and place the pan in a warm oven until the mints have evenly melted.
  2. Remove the pan from the oven and set aside to allow the candy to fully cool.
  3. Once dry, the shiny, slick surface is perfect for serving snacks.

Image Source: HGTV

Father/Son Bonding Craft

Father:Son Holiday Craft

Distract the guys in your house with some father-son crafting while you finish last minute shopping! This simple craft re-purposes toy soldiers into a wreath that’s great for a boy’s bedroom door. Hot glue the toys directly to a wire wreath base, alternating the soldiers’ colors and positions as you attach each.

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Happy Holidays from the Texas Hill Country!

Image Source: HGTV

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