Getting outside and working out in the Texas heat is hard and sometimes dangerous! At Santa Rita Ranch, we want you to stay active and be able to work towards your healthier self, that’s why we have put together our top picks of at home workouts. They are easy to do and, if you stay consistent with your workout plan, can show BIG results!

Work Your WHOLE Body
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This workout is great because it only takes you, some floor space and some motivation! Allotting for rest breaks and water breaks, it keeps your mind entertained! If you’re feeling up to it, you can repeat the workout as many times as you want – just remember, listen to your body and stop/rest when you need.

It’s LEG Day!
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Everyone knows that leg day is rough, but it’s a little easier in the AC at your house! This one is at the top of our list because you really feel the burn AND the sets are designed for you to rest when you need!

Work Your CORE
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There’s no need to stop toning up your core because summer is coming to an end. In Texas, we wear swimsuits until November sometimes! A strong core can make you feel SO good, all the time! Put on some old-school rock and get started on your workout!

1,2,3 CARDIO
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We’re counting down until you have the best stamina of your life and your heart is happy! The American Heart Association recommends people do at least 75 minutes of rigorous cardio activity. This workout is a perfect way to get started!

Inspiration From: Shaping Up To Be a Mom