You may be new to the area, or just haven’t gotten a chance to experience all that Georgetown has to offer –but the town you call home is full of fun events and history that are sure to keep you busy and entertained all year around.


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Georgetown is a hidden gem with many museums, architecture and outdoor activities that will lure visitors in for a quiet weekend getaway or permanent stay. Take advantage of your historic town and check out our ten things you might want to know about this city!

Red Poppy Festival
Georgetown, Texas is called the Red Poppy Capital of Texas. Celebrate the spring arrival of this flower with an art contest, parade, car show and of course festive food!

Red Poppy Ride & Festival

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San Gabriel Park
The San Gabriel River was discovered in 1716 and renamed when Williamson County was founded in 1848. Presently, many beautiful parks, playgrounds and trails wind the banks of the river across the city. Year-round fishing is welcomed and in the summer months, plenty of shade is available for a needed break from the heat. A perfect summer fun activity for the family!

Georgetown Arts Center
This beautifully transformed firehouse is home to an updated art gallery that fits perfectly into Georgetown’s town square. The center’s website describes it as, “A welcoming environment for visitors to view, appreciate, create and purchase art. Through innovative, intelligent exhibits and programs, we promote visual literacy in the greater community.”

Palace Theatre
This legendary theatre hosts top productions and plays throughout the year in Georgetown, Texas. The historically preserved building was built in 1925 and continues to be one of the must see landmarks of the town. Need fun weekend plans? Stop by and see a show or take in the rich history rooted in Williamsburg County.

Source: The Williamson Museum

Source: The Williamson Museum

The Williamson Museum
If you want to learn more about the characters and events that line the past of Williamsburg County, this favorite is a must. The museum hosts learning exhibits, community events and tours of the Williamson Courthouse.

Inner Space Caverns
One of the most remarkable natural rock formations around. According to Inner Space’s website, this living cave is one of the most preserved in Texas as it was undiscovered for over 10,000 years!

Fountainwood Observatory
Set foot on the campus of Southwestern University, each month the observatory offers free stargazing events complete with professional level equipment. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner, faculty members and the Williamson County Astronomy Club will be on hand to guide you.

Source: The City of Georgetown

Source: The City of Georgetown

Town Square
Called “The Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas,” it’s home to many of the attractions already mentioned plus a diverse array of restaurants and boutiques. If an event is happening in Georgetown it’s most likely happening on the town square!

Victorian Architecture
Most of the architecture in the historic downtown has been restored to it’s original condition and the homes in the area are a tasteful blend of old and new. Over 180 homes in the city are on the historic register, during your visit make sure you take a driving tour through Georgetown.

Southwestern University
Did you know that Southwestern University is the oldest university in Texas? With its years comes rich history to Georgetown you’ll want to check out.

Trying to figure out where to start your tour? Download our map and directions and make sure to stop on your way to say hi to Santa Rita Ranch!